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Once you have spent the time confirming bats are in your home you’ll want to look for ways they are getting in. They hibernate from late fall (Oct/Nov) until spring arrives (Mar/Apr). Histoplasmosis is a disease that is caused by breathing in a fungus (Histoplasma Capsulatum). Brown or grey streaks can be left near soffits, the roof and chimneys and are prime indicators of a bat colony. These stains are left by the oil on their skin and/or urine. Seal-Up: After you are 100% certain that all the bats are out, remove the exclusion devices and seal the entry holes shut. After the bats are removed, it is best to clean up any guano or urine to prevent spread of disease. Once it dries it can release toxic fungal spores into the air. Bats can get into your walls, roof or chimney. In truth, none of these repellents will help rid your attic of a bat colony. In addition to bat removal, we can handle repairs to your property and take preventative measures so you don’t have to worry about those pesky bats returning.

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First they head for water and get a drink, skimming the surface on the wing. Any gap of 1/2 to 1 inch is especially desirable. We added a towable boom lift to our equipment in December of 2003. The first reaction is to immediately seal all the holes on the structure. This prevents them from finding an alternate access point into the structure. It can accumulate in huge amounts, contaminating an attic and potentially causing lung disease for the people in the house. In a nutshell, you have to find out how they are flying in and out, install a special one-way device (there are several different types, for different scenarios) over the exit area, and let them fly out, but not fly back in. Bats actually don’t need much space to enter your home. But they are fragile animals, and they can't claw or chew their way back in, so if you do your job right, you'll never have bats inside again. Step-By-Step Instructions For Removing Bats From Attics. Bats, being a protected species, must be handled by trained professionals like our team.

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Chances are, once you realize you have a bat problem there is a colony in your home which could be as many as forty or more mother bats. This allows us to determine what equipment would be necessary for an exclusion and repair program. Normally these devices are not installed until mid-August. Updated 2018. Every building is different, and the bats relate to the architecture in very specific ways that require selecting the proper device(s). No colony should be excluded from return until the young are capable of flying. During the night they are wide-awake which puts you in greater danger. These noises can come from your walls, attic or chimney. Cleanup: The bats have left droppings in your attic or walls, perhaps by the million. Often people with histoplasmosis don’t realize they are suffering from the disease because the symptoms look quite a bit like flu symptoms. Call or e-mail for a current inspection fee for your structure (please include city & state so we can figure distance to site)